Slow IPv4 Spurs IPv6 Alternative

In May this year I noticed in the IPv6Now web logs a massive increase in downloads of IPv6 gogo6 client software. This provides access to gogo6 tunnel brokers – with our credentials loaded, people can use IPv6Now tunnel brokers, with credential for other brokers the client can use those ones – pretty straightforward.

Puzzled, I checked the referring sites, and found them to be Taiwanese gaming and chat sites, giving a list of instructions in Chinese, with URLs for our IPv6Now gogo6 client software in English. Google Translate let me understand the situation.

Apparently, connectivity to YouTube via Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan’s major carrier) had slowed to a crawl. Academia Sinica, the national research academy, runs the Freenet6 tunnel broker. Some enterprising person listed how to connect to the Internet via IPv6 and the word spread from site to site: download the client software from IPv6Now, use the Freenet6 tunnel broker and Google’s IPv6 DNS servers, and wow! YouTube loads ten times faster.

During the six days this was happening (before it was temporarily blocked), we had over fifteen thousand downloads of IPv6 connectivity software. I can see we’ve been wasting our time encouraging business to take IPv6 seriously. All we needed to do was get between people and their YouTube videos …


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